WCUK Ltd introduces the PARS Box
The Portable Accessory Radio Scanning BOX is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) receiver in a neat and robust format that turns an Android Smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer into an easy to use RF scanner with demodulation suitable for use by amateur radio enthusiasts and professional RF engineers alike.
The PARS BOX has a rugged, aluminium case with a BNC chassis mounted connector. It comes complete with a telescopic BNC antenna and an integrated USB cable.
The PARS BOX has an RF standard input impedance of 50 Ohms.
Desktop & Laptop operation:
A laptop requires only a USB port and suitable SDR software, some suggested apps can be found here.
Android Smartphone operation:
All your phone needs is the Android O/S and USB-OTG capability. In other words, your Android phone needs to be able to provide power via its Micro-USB port to the device. Most contemporary Android phones will do this, it is most commonly used to connect a USB thumb drive to the phone which is a good way to be certain, or contact your phone supplier/manufacturer.
Smartphone and Software are not included with this product.
Available accesories include:
We can supply wrap-around phone holders, On-The-Go USB cables for smartphones and butterfly clip fittings to attach the PARS BOX to a laptop.
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The PARS BOX frequency range is between 24MHz & 1.85GHz (500Hz - 24MHz in Direct Sampling Mode) and it is ideal for RF spectrum analysis. It includes a demodulator which enables the user to 'listen in' on transmissions as far ranging as air traffic control, radio security, and DAB. Its convenience makes it a must have for busy RF engineers looking for 'gaps' in the spectrum or as a low-cost platform for amateur radio enthusists. We suggest some software platforms on our SALES PAGE.
The PARS BOX is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux o/s and even embedded Linux computers such as the Raspberry Pi. (Specific drivers may be required)
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