Technical specifications for the PARS BOX.
Demodulator: Realtek RTL2832U
Tuner: Rafael R820T2
Clock accuracy: 0.5 PPM Between 0 degC to 70 degC
(Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator)
Readable Bandwidth: 2.4 MHz to 3.2MHz (app dependant)
Operating Bandwidth: 25MHz to 1850MHz (nominal- app dependant)
Input impedance: 50
Input terminal: Female BNC
Weight (Exc Ant): 154g
Dimensions (Inc): W x H x D 50mm x 25mm x 140mm
USB power consumption: 260mA to 300mA
Integrated USB.2 cable (Works with most USB.3)
Built in accessory mount 1/4" camera standard
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