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PC/Android/MAC O/S ready 50ohm SDR receiver

with telescopic 1/4 wavelength antenna.



Smartphone Holder

Straps around the PARS BOX securing it to the
phone keeping everything together and protected.
(Phone NOT included)





Butterfly Clamp

This butterfly clamp has a strong grip, perfect for clamping the PARS BOX to your laptop or mounting the device in any suitable position. Comes with a 1/4" camera adaptor thread.




Short (20cm) USB.2 female to USB micro cable suitable for connecting the PARS BOX to an android phone.



USB Extension Cable

2 Metre USB.2 extension cables suitable for extending the PARS BOX away from a lap/desktop PC for better antenna positioning.



Android Smartphone kit comprising:

PARS BOX, telescopic antenna, Smartphone holder, Butterfly clip and USB/OTG cable complete. Please give holder size with your order

(Phone NOT included)

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